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Scented Soy Massage Candle with Cocoa and Shea Butter
Scented Soy Massage Candle with Cocoa and Shea Butter
Scented Soy Massage Candle with Cocoa and Shea Butter

Scented Soy Massage Candle with Cocoa and Shea Butter

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Enjoy the many benefits of our massage candles. Light up and let your room be filled with your favorite scent. For relaxation, let the warm melted mixture of the candle provide an effortless glide on the skin for a relaxing and moisturizing massage experience for you and your special someone. Wooden wicks crackle from time to time, creating that perfect calm and soothing ambiance.

Choose your perfect scent!

Caribbean Paradise - Transport to the tropics with the irresistible scents of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melons.

Get Fresh - Shower clean scent.  Hints of cotton blossoms, jasmine, lavender, lily, and a touch of cedarwood. 

Warm & CozyA bold, complex blend of leather, tobacco, amber, musk, black tea, pepper with aged teakwood and tones of patchouli and sandalwood.

  • Natural blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, soy
  • Crackling wooden wicks
  • Spatula under lid
  • Hand poured in Napa Valley, CA
  • Reusable white glass container topped with silver metal lid
  • Net weight 8.5 ounces
  • Approximately 3.5" tall x 3.25" wide

    How to Use

    Once lit, allow the candle to melt for 30 minutes. Extinguish the wick. Let cool for 30 seconds. With the enclosed spatula, remove a small amount of the melted butter and massage onto skin. Increase amount as needed.


    Theobroma Cocao (Cocoa) Butter, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Glycine Max (Soy) Wax, Fragrance.


    Use caution when enjoying the experience of candles. Remove packaging before lighting the wick. Burn candle within sight, and keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep candle out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch on fire. Wooden wicks may crackle from time to time. Keep candle away from combustibles. Only burn candle on a level fire resistant surface. Trim wick to 1/4 inch each time before lighting. Keep candle free of foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Do not burn candle for more than 3 hours. Stop burning when 1/2 inch of unmelted wax remains. Extinguish and allow to cool before touching the candle. Frosting in soy is normal and may occur.